WTF is a GLOF and what is it good for?


Turns out a GLOF is good for a number of things. Motivating one to get the hell out of camp before rivers become impassible, for instance. It’s also good for rearranging landscapes, and for creating interesting and unusual ice climbs. There are, of course, also some things it’s not great for…keeping your livestock healthy and alive is one that comes to mind. Continue reading

The Best Backpacking Guitar Ever!

How do you get the lightest, smallest, most versatile guitar along with you into the backcountry? Hint: you re-string a ukulele like a guitar! Actually that’s more than a hint, it’s the whole answer. Seriously though, and especially if you already know guitar chords, this has got to be the easiest way to bring along a fun and inexpensive string instrument on your next adventure! Continue reading